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Melissa McCarter
Melissa McCarter

Evolutionary Astrology is based on the soul's journey through repeated incarnations, and the revelation of that journey through symbolic language. This is the language of the soul.

Each of us is unique. Each chooses certain tasks or themes to work on throughout a lifetime in order to grow. Sometimes these themes extend over a number of lifetimes--all the while, building and refining the soul. So we come into this life, not as a blank slate, but as an entity with vast and varied experience--and with an agenda, a purpose. We are empowered when that purpose is made conscious.

As an Evolutionary Astrologer, I will guide you toward that conscious understanding of your sacred soul path.

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I'm nearly 70 years old, and I've had too many astrology readings to count. But Melissa, your reading actually brought me to tears--a really unusual happening for me! It was an astonishing reading, and I don't know how you did it, but I felt for the first time a true and deep clarity about my life and why things happened the way they did.

I have sent so many of my friends and clients to you, and each one--EACH ONE--felt the same thing. You have a rare and treasured gift. Thank you, thank you!

--Kerrith M

The accuracy of Melissa’s reading of my natal chart was astounding. She took my hand and walked with me among the planets and signs, skillfully illuminating this multidimensional lifetime journey with her intimate knowledge, experience and soulful connection.

Melissa’s enlightened reading clarified the most important question of my lifetime--which had been unfolding before my eyes, but had never been fully revealed. I now feel seen, felt, heard and affirmed by the Universe in a way I have not experienced before.

--Lisa H

I loved your very, very special reading for me. It hit the mark as far as core life issues and tasks for me, and I was amazed at the accuracy of the "story". Thank you for the time, thought and energy you put into making this unique and in-depth reading.

I could feel the story resonating within me as I drove up the road listening to your CD. It was so profound for me that I ended up having to pull over and stop driving just to sit with the essence of the lesson ... Well done, and you have my love and appreciation for this wonderful astrological expression.

--Penny H

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Your reading will include an in-depth discussion of the energies or influences that form your distinct nature, and how you project that nature into the world. It will reveal possible stumbling blocks, potential points of strength and paths of greatest fulfillment for you.

Conscious awareness of these forces allows you to avoid pitfalls, and to streamline your life into channels that support your growth and happiness, making it easier to move with your natural flow.

Your natal (birth) chart is created from the exact time, date and location of your birth. It's based on the intricate dance of signs, planets and other points as they appeared at the moment of your birth, on a 360 degree circle of sky.

From this information, I develop a detailed and personalized reading. The numerical data is calculated automatically, but I consider the interpretation to be a form of art. This art recognizes patterns and relationships, and pulls all the disparate parts together into a meaningful and cohesive whole--a whole that describes you.

For those of you who have already received a natal reading from me, I'm now offering one called Transits and Progressions. This reading describes how changing planetary energies affect the current climate of your life. It highlights the challenges and opportunities that presently lie before you. The time span covered varies according to the intensity of planetary activity.

Click here to order readings for yourself or (with their permission) for any who might benefit from a deep look into their soul's journey. I invite you to share your readings with those close to you, and review them in the years to come, to gain a broader perspective on your soul's progress.

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